La Chic Design create wonderfully unique sculptures or life castings for any family member, babies, children, adults, pets and even those loved ones that have sadly left us.

They are popular for celebrating the birth of new babies, an engagement or anniversary or simply capturing the love between your family members. Gift vouchers are available for the perfect present.

All designs are custom made just for you, so all ideas and sizes are welcome. Casts are completed in a professional, high quality finish and La Chic Design are proud of 5 star reviews.

3d Life-casting enables special memories and moments in time to be captured forever. These memories become valuable keepsakes over time and can be cherished for generations to come.

Body casting or life casting is an ancient method of recreating a life size replica of the body. Casts are taken in a fun and informal environment and contain incredible detail. The castings are created using alginate, a natural material used in dental surgeries then filled with a fine durable stone for lasting duration. Everything is handmade including the solid wood frames and plinths which showcase your casts in the best way possible.

We are sure you'll find the whole experience friendly and exciting!